Mission, Vision, and Values


The mission of The English Center is to develop students’ vocational, social, technological, physical, and emotional potential in a wholesome, self-paced, supportive environment. This endeavor encourages them to become lifelong learners and contributing, ethical citizens in a multi-cultural and changing world.


The English Center is a full-service adult education center that will continuously strive to provide access to challenging literacy, Career/Technical, and community education while building learning communities designed to maximize student success.


Citizenship: Helping create a society based upon democratic values including rules of law, equality of opportunity, due process, reasoned argument, representative government, checks and balances, rights and responsibilities and democratic decision-making.

Cooperation: Working together toward goals as basic as human survival in an increasingly interdependent world.

Fairness: Treating people impartially by not playing favorites, being open-minded, and maintaining an objective attitude toward those whose actions and ideas are different from our own.

Honesty: Dealing truthfully with people, being sincere, not deceiving them or stealing from them, not cheating or lying.

Integrity: Standing up for your beliefs about what is right and what is wrong and resisting social pressure to do wrong.

Kindness: Being sympathetic, helpful, compassionate, benevolent, agreeable, and gentle toward people and other living things.

Pursuit of Excellence: Doing your best with the talents you have, striving toward a goal and not giving up.

Respect: Showing regard for the worth and dignity of someone or something, being courteous and polite, and judging all people on their merits. Respect takes three major forms: respect for oneself, respect for other people, and respect for all forms of life and the environment.

Responsibility: Thinking before you act and being accountable for your actions, paying attention to others, and responding to their needs. Responsibility emphasizes our positive obligations to care for each other.